What happens when non-Muslims fall in love with Muslims?

What happens when non-Muslims fall in love with Muslims?

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We have Muslim refugees and neighbors around us. Many of these are young men. Some of them will get married to non-Muslim women – Christians or non-religious[1]. What should Christian women expect when they accept being courted by a Muslim man? There are already a large number of bi-religious marriages. I have been counseling a few of these couples for the last 20 years. This is some advice from my experience. Some of this advice is for later in the marriage, especially in the case of a visit or move to a predominate Muslim country. These will be marked with S  for „Sharia“. If this is your case, you can then evaluate the consequences that such a step can have for you.



Positive aspects

  1. Love, a gallant, attentive partner
  2. A family and community
  3. Enrichment through another culture and language
  4. Re-discovering your Christian faith through discussing the differences to Islam
  5. Perhaps as a Christian you hope to be able to win your Muslim bridegroom for your faith – all too often, this is an illusion




Possible Challenges

  1. Your Muslim bridegroom may initially respect your faith, but one cannot be sure how things will develop when, for example, a conservative uncle puts him under pressure. At the present time, he is not very religious, he only follows the Koran, not the tradition (hadith). He is tolerant and respects your Christian faith, but this attitude can change through external influences.
  2. Your motivation is love. But perhaps your marriage is the only way for your counterpart to receive a residence permit.
  3. Statistics show that marriages between partners from different countries of origin have a 64% higher divorce rate than marriages between partners from the same country of origin. The risk of divorce increases by a further 60% when they belong to different religions.[2]



Cultural Factors

  1. Religious festivals, a child´s birth, circumcision, wedding or death often cause differences of opinion. Here the extended family often pressures the couple and earlier marital arrangements are then forgotten. According to Islam, your children may not be baptized.[3]
  2. A Muslim man may marry a Christian woman but a Christian man may not marry a Muslim woman.[4] In this case the woman would no longer be under the protection of Islam.[5] A non-Muslim man would first have to officially become a Muslim and possibly be circumcised before he can marry a Muslim woman. He would have to give up his former religion.
  3. A Muslim man should marry a Muslim woman.[6]
  4. Even though your Muslim partner may be open for your faith, this may end when this person is not so deeply in love as before or when the relatives, friends or mosque put pressure on him. One always marries into a family, and in the Muslin culture they participate in all decisions. At this point, you may be strongly encouraged to become a Muslim.[7]
  5. According to Islam, the husband is responsible to care for the family financially. If it would happen that the wife would have a higher salary, this would undermine the traditional role of the husband.[8]



Piece of advice for Christian women:

If you are convinced Christian, why would you give up your faith and assurance of salvation through          Jesus Christ for a vague hope in Islam?[9] Why should a Christian marry a man who totally rejects faith in   the eternal Son of God[10], His death on the cross and the Bible as the faithfully transmitted Word of         God? Can you accept Mohammed as a real prophet and the Koran; can you deny the central Christian beliefs?[11] In the Bible, Christians are advised to marry Christians.[12] A deep spiritual fellowship can         only be given to both partners through the Holy Spirit, who lives in us, if both of these are Christians.



Woman´s status according to the Koran

  1. According to the Koran men are above women;[13] according to the New Testament, both are equal: a wife should freely submit to her husband as he is submitted to her and to the Lord [14].
  2. A Christian woman is not made unclean before God through her menstruation, as in Islam, so that she would have to pray purification prayers.[15]
  3. According to the Koran, a woman´s testimony is only worth half as much as a man´s testimony in a court of law.[16] S
  4. A woman is her husband´s property.[17]
  5. Women should be veiled as soon as they leave their own home.[18] S
  6. A man can beat his wife when she does not do his will.[19] A man should remember this rule when there is conflict in the marriage. S
  7. A woman can only leave her home with the permission of her husband.[20] S
  8. A Muslim can divorce his wife verbally but a woman does not have this same right.[21] A wife can only divorce her husband when he is terminally ill or impotent, when he cannot take care of her or has been neglecting his marital duty but only in a court of law. A verbal divorce is not allowed in western countries as the civil ceremony is accepted above the Islamic marriage ceremony.
  9. When a Muslim has spoken the divorce formula three times, he is divorced from his wife. He can then only marry her again when in the meantime she gets married to another man and is then divorced by him.[22] S
  10. When a marriage partner leaves the Islamic faith, the marriage is automatically dissolved.[23] S



Women according to the Hadithen

In everyday life, the traditions of the prophet (Hadithen) have more authority as the Koran. Here we find a few more positive statements about women even though these are hard to understand. Two examples:

  1. Mohamed taught that women lacked in understanding and religion.[24]
  2. The majority of women will go to hell because of their impurity.[25]



Problems with sexuality

  1. According to the Koran, the wife is her husband´s field to plant his seed, he may demand sexual intercourse at any time.[26]
  2. A Muslim may be married with four wives at the same time,[27] he must treat them all equally which is actually impossible. Nevertheless, there are many Islamic countries with polygamy or concubines. One reason may be when the first wife is barren. S
  3. The Koran allows sexual intercourse with an unlimited number of slaves (in modern times with household servants); the Shiite even allow a marriage limited in time for payment (Prostitution)[28] S
  4. A woman may be locked up in her home until her death if she has committed adultery.[29] S



Consequences for children

  1. Children must grow up in the Islamic faith. This is the duty of a Muslim, no matter which arrangements were made beforehand. In bi-religious marriages „the children should follow the better religion“, which is Islam. It is the only true religion.[30]
  2. In Islamic countries, the husband receives sole custody of the children; his former wife does not have the right to see her children. Non-Muslims are not appropriate protectors or caregivers for Muslims.[31] S
  3. A Muslim may give his daughter into marriage before she reaches puberty.[32] S
  4. It is not allowed to adopt a child because Allah ordered Mohamed to marry the wife of his adoptive son, after this adoption was forbidden.[33] S



  1. When a Muslim dies, the Islamic law applies to all assets in an Islamic country. If his wife did not convert to Islam, she will have no or very little inheritance. If she has converted to Islam and she has no children, she will inherit one-fourth of the inheritance. The majority of the inheritance goes to the parents, brother, uncle… of the deceased. If he had children, his wife then gets one-eighth of the inheritance and the children the rest; where as a son inherits twice as much as a daughter.[34] It may vary in the practice according to the application of the Sharia. S
  2. When a Muslim couple converts to Christianity, they may not receive any inheritance from the relatives. Likewise, the inheritance of a Christian wife will be automatically allocated to the Muslim relatives. The Christian relatives of the wife receive no inheritance. [35] The assets are shifted to the Islamic party. S




In Conclusion

Maybe you think most of these points only apply in Muslim countries. But there are more and more Sharia courts in other countries that practice a parallel system of justice and settle these matters out of court. What more, there is the pressure of the extended family, so that the outcome is the same as in an Islamic country. A marriage with different cultures is never easy. An Islamic partner who practices Islamic rules, which at some time he will believe to be the will of Allah, will put pressure on you. Therefore, a step into a bi-religious marriage should be considered very carefully. Don´t do it!




  1. In western countries, many Muslims follow only the Koran and reject the traditions (Hadith). Western women consider such Muslims to be liberal and understanding. But married women are also discriminated in many areas in the Koran as we showed.



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Autor: M.Knödler, www.is-lam.de

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